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We are specialists in KNX technology, the only worldwide standard for all applications in home and building controls.

We offer customized solutions to meet your needs, making comfort and energy savings the main focus.

We implement applications for building controls and management such as: lighting, audio / video control, shutters and blinds, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, management of technical alarms (flood, smoke, fire, gas), voice control, home appliances, access control, door communication, irrigation control, visualization, anti-intrusion security, remote operation via web or smartphone, building management systems, smart metering, energy management and renewable energy.


We work as a team with all the professionals involved in the lifecycle of building projects.

Developers, architects, engineers, interior designers and installers: we are at your disposal to establish effective collaborations.

Do you have plans to build or remodel your home? Are you a building developer? Do you want to expand your services, offering your customers an efficient and cutting edge control system? In any case, please contact us; we will propose a solution to differentiate and improve your project.

Our geographical scope of work has no boundaries, we have had successful collaborations with professionals and homeowners in different countries. The methodology we use is adapted to work both onsite and remotely, and we are able to participate actively in all and each one of the stages of the project anywhere in the world.


We advise companies that need to expand their knowledge of the KNX standard in order to carry out various projects.

If your company has scheduled or forecasted jobs that require special knowledge in specific applications, then please contact us.

No matter where your company is located: we provide specialized training and we can specify the appropriate devices from the large catalog of the standard for each job; we support and monitor the progress of your projects.

In short, our consultancy service puts at your disposal the experience acquired during more than 12 years of work with the standard from different fronts so that your company acquires and demonstrates a greater technical solvency in housing and building control projects.