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Currently under construction, the York Suites are the big hotel bet in the luxury segment in the city of Medellin, capital of the Antioquia department (Colombia), a city awarded with the recognition of the most innovative city in the world by The Citi and The Wall Street Journal in 2013.

The promoters of the project seek to strengthen the local offer of accommodation for senior executives under the concept of “Long Stays” (long stays) and, therefore, want to provide their guests with exclusive services.

The 23-story tower will have 106 fully automated luxury suites. The building will be equipped with meeting rooms and restaurant-bar with terrace on the first floors and infinity pool, gym, spa and other areas for wellness and entertainment, on the top floors.

The suites are divided into four types, ranging from 28 m2 to 56 m2. In each of them guests can modify their degree of comfort by having total control of the room from a single device: regulation of different types of lighting, curtain control, air conditioning, audio reproduction (being able to link your Smarthphone to the system using BlueTooth to play your audio content from YouTube and Spotify), full control of the television or even reserve any of the services of the hotel, from the comfort of your bed.

For this purpose, the hotel will supply one Tablet per suite and we will add visualization that will allow them to carry out the aforementioned functions. In addition to the Tablet, in each suitepresence detectors will be installed, push-buttons and thermostat touch screen (customizable and compatible with the aesthetics of the other installed mechanisms) for the individual control of applications.

Beyond having the suites equipped with home automation, the hotel has the possibility of achieving an efficient global control of the operation:

– Access Control System with RFID operation, provides real-time information on all types of access to the rooms of both guests and employees. This is in addition to custom display with touchscreen switchplates with the logo, room number, icons, welcome message and messages to the cleaning staff to find out if you can or cannot access to the room (DND and MUR). The hotel can activate scenes of welcome: color modification and regulation of the lighting, temperatura of arrival, type of music.

-Control of occupation, opening / closing sensors and presence detectors, will allow reception to know exactly how many people are inside the suites, at all times. This information is useful, among other things, for evacuation work due to fire alarms.

-Control of consumption. General shutdown in case of not detecting presence in the suites, adjustment of different temperature setpoints and other variables of the air conditioning machines, depending on the presence of the guest and, automatic shutdown of the equipment, in case of prolonged opening of windows. Reports and measurements of electricity consumption, air conditioning and water per room, with notification to maintenance service in case of consumption without the presence of guests.

-Other applications: supervision, monitoring and control of the domotized facilities in the hotel locally and/or remotely, early detection of incidents and alarms to improve the service of maintenance, KNX home automation integration with other systems and protocols for the management of hotel (Fidelio and Protel).

The automated engineering project for this hotel is the product of an alliance between our company and a renowned facilities company in the city.